Adam And Eve Go

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You may already have met Adam and Eva in previous parts of this funny series. You know the main character is fond of all sorts of adventures. This time, Adan decided to get something tasty for his lovely lady. But do not forget that the caveman lives in a very dangerous environment. In this prehistoric world, there are lots of dangerous dinosaurs and traps awaiting him on every step. Help the guy overcome difficult trials and solve puzzles to reach his target. Do not forget that Adam needs to return with his pockets full of food – collect all pears, apples and bananas you find as you move on. Besides, Eva loves flowers, so it would be nice to find a fresh bouquet for her. Sometimes, you will meet strangers that may help you complete different tasks. But do not rely much on others, be very careful yourself not to be caught in any trap. Good luck in this fun mission!

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