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Have you ever taken part in at least one rap battle in the Friday Night Funkin musical series? If so, then you are definitely one of its fans! Those players who once happened to dance for Boyfriend or other funny characters of this exciting game, stay with it forever. However, if you really happen to have never heard of FNF, here is some information about it. The main characters are Boyfriend and Girlfriend that are in love with each other. But their romance is not so cloudless as the girl’s father, Daddy Dearest, does not like the main hero and is doing all in his power to break this relationship. He used to be a musician and invents an interesting trial for Boyfriend. The guy needs to participate in rap battles against all sorts of opponents to prove he deserves to remain with Girlfriend. These fights are very fierce sometimes, and the main task of both contestants is to dance ideally to the music rhythms without mistakes. If any of them makes too many wrong moves, the progress bar will change its color from the green color to red and that character will lose. These funny competitions have quickly become extremely popular among the gaming audience, and lots of fan-made mods have been released. Today, you can find these funny heroes everywhere, even on TikTok. All you need to do is to search for new content using relevant hashtags. Join the exciting world of dancing characters and test whether you have an ear for music. Every new mod is a true challenge as the heroes dance to a completely new or remixed song. And the success of the performance depends only on your attentiveness and agility. Get ready to meet a whole range of characters from other games, from funny anime toys to really scary monsters. There are a lot of thrilling acquaintances and storylines in FNF. Sometimes, the life of the main heroes will be even in danger. But every time, you can outperform your opponent by being a better dancer. Will you be able to defeat everyone with the power of music?

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