Friday Night Funkin Vs Sky Full Week

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A new mod in the FNF game brings a very unusual character. It seems Girlfriend has got a rival now! It is Sky, a girl with blue hair. She is really pretty and tries to attract the attention of Boyfriend. But the guy rejected here. It made Sky unbelievably furious and she is looking for revenge. The antagonist completely changed her friendly attitude to a hostile one and now her target is Girlfriend. How can Boyfriend protect his love? There is only one solution – to take this angry blue-haired character to a music arena as soon as possible. Moreover, Boyfriend now needs to win in this competition to get rid of this annoying opponent. So you need to assist him throughout three new songs. You know the task – dance to the rhythm without missing out a note and make sure your progress bar remains green until the very end of each song. Dance skillfully without leaving any chance to your enemy!

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