Gacha Club Kogama

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Do you want to have even more freedom with anime characters from Gacha Club? Then you can easily launch your own Gacha project in the Kogama playground. This space is designed for those who dream of launching their own projects. Alternatively, you can visit it to create your character and join the most popular projects already existing here. So if you are an anime fan, you can build your own anime world now! Dozens of anime characters are waiting to come to life with your help. So work on their appearance first and then start dressing them in different cute costumes. You will find a lot of clothes prepared for you in the menu – for every taste and color. Of course, your activity will not be limited to the dressing-up process only, otherwise, it would be boring enough. Once you are ready with a bunch of heroes, invent a plot for them to participate in. You can come with lots of dialogs and scenes. To make your stories more interesting, make sure you have both positive and negative characters. And to get access to more menu options, participate in different mini-games to earn additional points. You can choose what you like best – dynamic activities where you need to fight with other players in fierce battles or calm tests where you need to solve a number of puzzles and quests. The best thing about this game is that you can come up with something new every day, be it a new character or a new adventure. There is no time to rest in Gacha world – you will be more than busy trying to complete endless tasks. So if you love such lovely entertainment, rush to Kogama to play with users from all over the world. Lots of fun and positive emotions will cheer up any gamer on this playground without doubt.

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