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Do you like games where you can participate in a new story every time? Then welcome to Gacha Club. You will find yourself in the exciting environment inhabited by funny anime characters. And now, you can enjoy an endless flow of mini-games for all possible themes. Moreover, you can create new characters and customize them all to your taste. At first, you will be able to interact with ten characters only, but very soon you will unlock another 90 options. All of them are different, and it relates not only to their appearance but also features and skills. Some of them are friendly and helpful, while others are very treacherous. In general, the plot includes three different activities. First and foremost, it is a dressing game. You decide how this or that personage is going to look, what he or she will wear. It is possible to continuously experiment with skin color, facial features, clothes, and even voice. Every player gets access to super powerful editor that comes with hundreds of options. The second direction of the plot is creation of new stories and cartoons. Here, you may rightfully feel yourself as a developer who adds new scenes and adventures with funny amine characters. You will have to develop short scenarios from scratch – select a background and main heroes, work out dialogs between them and add various details that will make the mini-game interesting. You cannot even imagine how many ideas you can easily implement, using menu features. You become the author of your own anime fun. And the third constituent of the plot is mini-tasks. Every player will need to earn coins to open new items and expand their capabilities. For this, you need to be active on this playground. You can participate in lots of battles, solve numerous puzzles, complete various drawing tasks and so on. Once you manage to succeed, you will start receiving rewards for every successfully completed task. The more experience points you get, the wider are your possibilities in the game. So plunge into this virtual anime world and go through endless adventures with your most favorite characters. The creators keep working on this project, continuously adding innovations. In the very latest version, you can even create a per for your heroes. As you see, there are no restrictions here – so hurry up to start your own unique story in Gacha Club.

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