Gacha Life

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Welcome to a colorful world where anime characters live. They are never bored as these funny heroes are always busy with something exciting. Do you want to dive into this adventurous universe and share the fun with its little inhabitants? Then hurry up to start playing Gacha Life! At first, you need to create your character or even a few of them. This task is actually very easy – you will be guided through an in-game editor. And you only need to select the option you like best. It will help you work out in detail the features of the face, clothes, accessories, and more. And then you need to decide what activity you are up to. There are several options, for example, you can start creating comics and cartoons. It is really more than exciting to become the author of your own story. All that is required of you is a little imagination. The playground allows you to go even through the smallest details – heroes’ poses and dialogs. You can make some of them positive personages while others will play the role of antagonists. Only you decide what scenario is going to look like. You can create as many scenes as you like – there absolutely no restrictions in this respect in Gacha Life. On the contrary, you will get rewards for your active participation that will unlock new characters and items on the menu. Also, if you wish, you can take part in mini-tasks and earn more points. For example, you can test your logical thinking in various puzzles, run obstacle courses where you will catch objects or dodge them. In general, you will definitely not sit without work. There is always some mission to complete in this exciting gameplay. And if you do everything right, you will earn crystals and can spend them on new outfits. Furthermore, if your characters are brave enough – take part in fierce battles and fight enemies. As you see, this virtual universe never sleeps and never stops. All active players will enjoy this active lifestyle where you can come with something new every day. If you are creative enough quickly get bored by cycling routine in other games, then Gacha Life is ideal for you. You will not find two stories enough. You can even keep changing your heroes adding them new characteristics and redesigning their appearance. Lots of work is awaiting you in this anime world, so let the fun begin right now. You will enjoy it!

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