Popsy Surprise Maker

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This game opens up a lot of opportunities to express your creativity. Here, you will have to develop your own LOL-looking doll! And the good news is that it can look exactly as you want. It is not a problem if you want to make it with even green or violet skin. The same rules work for eyes, nose, hair and mouth. You can experiment with as many options as you want until you are satisfied with the result. Moreover, you can play not only with the appearance but work on the style too. The menu offers lots of outfits to choose from. Now you need to decide how to dress up your newly-created toy. You can even add some accessories to complete the look. After you finish your creative process, do not forget to save this result and show it to your friends around. Now, you can start working on a new character. Join this exciting activity – it is a lot of fun and joy!

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