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The exciting Gacha Life project allows its players to create various anime characters and interact with them in different environments. The developers put together an extensive menu where users can find hundreds of features and elements to come up with a unique personage. Here, there is complete freedom of action – you can fully customize your anime hero and start endless adventures in the anime universe.

Create your own character

If you are a complete beginner, you will first visit Home screen where you can create your characters and avatars with the help of a powerful in-game editor. First of all, you need to decide if it is going to be a boy or a girl. Then work on the hero’s appearance – you can work out even the slightest details – skin color, hairstyle, eyes, nose and even voice. Now it is time to dress your new personages. You can choose a variety of beautiful clothes for them, arrange their hair, add make-up and other accessories. Do your best to choose unusual images for them to underline their individuality and originality. To collect additional points, go through additional mini-games, which will also help you widen the menu features. Combine a variety of outfits to customize everything to your liking. The hero can even change facial expressions and poses. Create your own stories and share them with your friends. Do not stop on one personage only, develop a bunch of them to enjoy the process to the fullest.

Earn experience points

This engaging project is not devoted only to character creating and dressing. You will need to do a lot of additional things to earn more experience points and unlock new features. For this, you have to continuously complete various tasks that are presented in the form of mini-games. They all are very different. For example, you can participate in fierce fights that can hold more than a hundred players. Defeat your enemies and get extra points. If you are not up to all sorts of battles, there are intelligent entertainment options in Gacha Life – you can solve various puzzles or musical tasks and also get rewards for excellent performance. There are no restrictions in this joyful universe. You can even create your own stories and select heroes and backgrounds for these. It is actually the most interesting feature of this game as you can work out scenarios to the slightest detail. Work on some interesting plot, add dialogues to it, find the most appropriate location and add decorations. You will find all the necessary elements in the menu. And if you are an active player, you will constantly earn coins and get access to new elements and functions. Summing up, there is no time to sit idle – hundreds of different activities are waiting for you in this wonderful anime world. It is one of the best playgrounds where you can fully unleash your creativity and implement the most interesting ideas. Here, you will completely forget about boredom for a long time. Let the fun begin!

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